Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Charter Revision in Flint Michigan?

Our current City Charter and the elected officals that govern through it have failed.

Flint is on the Brink of an Emergency Financial Manager being appointed by Governor Snyder. Why  because we cannot manager our own economic affairs. 

A recent study of the League of Women Voters speaks to their view of Change needed in the Flint City Charter.


1. A yes or no question on electing a Charter  Revision Commission is first placed before the voters. How?

a. The Flint City Council votes to place the question on the next election ballot. That would be the school board June election 2012.


b .The citizens organize a petition drive to collect signatires to place the question on the ballot. 5,000 needed.

2. If the people vote for Charter Revision they then elect citizens to serve as the Charter Commission.

3. The Charter  Comission  sets up a process of charter review, education as to options, public comments, public hearing and making a recommendation for;

 a. no change to the Flint City Charter,

 b. a little change [amendment] to  the Charter,

c.or a scrapping of the old Charter [revision]and a writing a new on. This could eliminate the strong mayor system, reduce the number of council person and eliminate the wards, make the Flint City Council an unpaid with no benefits position. There are an infinite number of options.

4.The people vote yes or no on the recomendation of the Flint Charter Revision Commission

What do you think?

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